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Leithen Shield Premier Training

We are a specialised training company with the ability and resources to organise and deliver premier development and certified qualification courses that cater to the clients’ circumstances and needs. We use excellent, highly motivated instructors who will present and conduct courses in a unique and stylish way, using pragmatism and assurance in their delivery methods that will extract the very best of the students’ abilities and skills.

We believe in the benefits of character development  by delivering awareness and certified training tuition in the areas of Self Development and Confidence training exercising the Mind, Body and Spirit. We also deliver certification courses in First-Aid, Environmental, Health and Safety, Management and Leadership Development training and a host of other activities that go a long way towards the personal development of the individual or group – and this can be of paramount importance at any stage of life.

corporate venue Peeblesshire

Further afield, we also offer specialised sports training for individuals and teams, expedition planning and leading in the UK and overseas, sub-aqua diving certification courses (PADI and BSAC), map-reading and navigation courses, Hostile Environment Awareness Training (particularly for remote areas such as in the Middle-East and Africa) and Security training and courses – some aspects of what we offer at our Peeblesshire corporate venue can be essential skills for those going off on a gap-year prior to attending University or for those seeking a career in a Uniformed Service.

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