We here at Leithen Lodge hope you share our passion for the environment. All produce that is not grown on the estate is sourced from local suppliers with our pledge to support local businesses.

We are a family run estate so unlike a hotel we are not wasteful with the electric that we use and with no air conditioning or other expensive systems to run. Our main source of heating at the Lodge is provided by log  burners using our own felled wood, which we replant on a regular basis.

We’ll use paperless communication, such as email when liaising with you so as not to waste paper unnecessarily.

We love to recycle and hope you will support us when visiting the Lodge. So far, we have reduced Leithen Lodge emissions by 50 percent and we are keen and determined to reduce output further. We would firstly like to have solar panels installed and then on to our largest project, to install Ground Source Heating Pumps which allows heat to be extracted from the ground to enable us to heat, in part, the Lodge and its water. Both of these measures would dramatically reduce emissions from the Lodge.

At the Lodge we have planted old fashioned herbaceous plants and shrubs to attract insects and other wildlife. We have some beautiful visitors to the estate, including wild bees, butterflies and dragonflies.

As members of the RSPB, we actively support the many wild variety of birds that live and visit the grounds of Leithen lodge and surrounding areas, throughout the seasons. All of our bird feed is supplied by the RSPB.

And to say thank you for choosing an Innerleithen short break at Leithen Lodge we will plant a meter of meadow for each corporate event held here. Apart from the natural beauty it brings to the grounds there are many ecological benefits from planting wild meadow. These include its low maintenance as there no need for mowing. It also creates a habitat for all the native species of animals. In addition to this wildflower meadows are effective at trapping pollutants in the air.

Please note that we are a sanctuary for rescue animals. We currently have some very friendly dogs and chickens roaming the land.