Film & Media


Leithen Lodge is a perfect romantic location for any film set. There are several principle rooms which offer grand architecture and dramatic period interior design with fine furnishings. Leithen Lodge is a privately owned property and therefore can offer flexibility with regards to minor alterations that are sometimes needed when filming.

There is access for large production Lorries and room for honey wagons and always an estate manager on site which can deal with any queries or assistance that is needed.

The Lodge is on a three phase system with numerous external power points around the Lodge. We also have external Ladies’ and Gentleman’s facilities already on site.

All your catering requirements can be met upon request.

film and media location in Scotland


The Ballroom offers a double height vaulted ceiling with ornate plasterwork decorated in the Arts & Crafts movement, with an imposing recessed sandstone fireplace. The grand piano sits in the bay window overlooking Leithen river and the picturesque 19th century hump-back stone bridge.

The Drawing room has Adamesque decoration with a large fireplace with high ornamental ceilings.

The Dining room which sits in the original 16th century part of Leithen Lodge comprises of a raised oval ceiling with two decorative columns with a large open fire place. Adjacent servery offering all-day refreshments.

The Library is of double height with an overlooking gallery offering internet access and break-out area. An external reading balcony overlooks the river and gardens to the west.

The Great Hall has ornate carved wooden pillars with a galleried landing overlooking the stone fireplace.

Room Dimensions:

Ball-Room: 9.5mtrs X 5.60mtrs

Drawing Room: 7.35mtrs X 5.40mtrs

Dining Room: 6.30mtrs X 4.10mtrs

Servery: 4.15mtrs X 2.15mtrs

Library: 15.20mtrs X 5.10mtrs

Great Hall: 5.10mtrs X 5.58mtrs

The other more informal rooms are available also on request.

The grounds have a truly loved and vibrant feel with intimate walled garden, orchard walk and a serene lochan running into Leithen River, all enveloped by the spectacular surrounds of the Moorfoot hills. There are 30 acres which can be adapted to suit your requirements making Leithen Lodge an ideal Scottish film and media location.